Thursday, February 14, 2008


Thank heaven for African violets! Mine are still blooming along, and give me a great deal of satisfaction. Here is the darker pink one -This blue one with a white fringe is one of my favorites.
Here is a new project, just some paperwhites that I will give to a friend to enjoy (she is in a rehab center, while her knee heals).

Last and least, here is something that is NOT blooming, and hasn't in the two years I've had it.

It is a clivia, and I need to learn more about how to get it to bloom. What little research I've done has not helped me, to date. Any suggestions out there in cyber-garden-space?


kate said...

How old is your Clivia, Muum? Sometimes they take several years to flower. Also, don't water very frequently. Are you fertilising at all? I haven't grown one for a long time but I think one high in potassium is good. Somebody can probably correct me on this!

Good luck! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Curtis said...

African Violets seem to never disappoint. I have grown these with no flowers on them and have grown them and they never stop flowering.

Muum said...

Kate and Curtis, thanks for your remarks.

Kate, everything gets watered every 10 days, and I use A.V. fertilizer on everything. maybe I should try something else on the Clivia. It is about 2 -3 years old.

Kathy said...

Clivia needs to be pot bound to bloom.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I couldn't even count my African Violet today. There were blooms, but boy were they dried out. I just picked them off.

I just saw your moose post. I couldn't imagine something that large in my backyard eating my trees. Hopefully, he left some compost for you!

Sue Swift said...

I think you might find the answer here :

Annie in Austin said...

I like your white-fringed blue violet too, Muum. Never had a Clivia but hope yours blooms one of these days!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose