Thursday, May 01, 2008

Garden Bloggers Muse Day - May 1st

May arrives at dawn and kneels in prayer.
Her dress of green rustles as she rises to meet this day.
Feeling the warm spring breeze on her cheeks,
She smiles as she dances to celebrate the end of winter.
(Her work clothes cast aside for the day)
May is my favorite month , my birthday month! The weather is (usually) great, and I can get outside and plant and enjoy the flowers. May first is my grandmother's birthday. She was born 1 May, 1904, and would be 104 if she was still alive. She loved to garden, too.
Go to Carolyn's blog, Sweet Home and Garden Chicago, to join in for Garden Bloggers Muse Day!


Carolyn gail said...

Hi Joyce,

Thanks for participating in GBMD. So glad to know that I share the same birthday as your grandmother :)

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

Hello there and thanks for stopping by our blog. What a lovely white bleeding heart. I've only seen these in pictures. We have a pink one in our yard and the local park has the native variety. The white is so elegant.

AkinobuNakashima said...

I live in Japan. The sprout is beautiful now. I learnt English called a genealogy from seeing your profile for the first time. I have a genealogy previous from 1000 years or more that the ancestor had. I am sometimes reading it. There are a lot of stories in that. I am making the garden little by little. Please look.
And, please link if it is good.