Wednesday, May 28, 2008


One of the great things about spring is that, although I am sad to see the tulips gone for another year, then the lilacs come, and I enjoy them, but for such a brief time! Next come the irises, and I think, 'these ARE my favorites.'
The anticipation of 'the next thing' helps me past the sadness of losing 'the last thing' which seems to go by much too fast.
At any rate, iris season is just about to swing into full gear in my yard, and I am so pleased that I walk thru to see what is blooming,
or about to bloom-
that I walk thru at least twice a day, if I am not already out there, slugging away with the weeds or some other gardening chore.
Sigh! I love irises, don't you??


Needled Mom said...

Your iris are beautiful. I love the yellow one as it is so bright. I so wish we could grow dogwood here as they are so pretty. I guess I will have to enjoy yours instead.

Linda said...

I do love irises and the golden one is so pretty. Linda

Ginni Dee said...

Wonderful!!! I love them too!!

verobirdie said...

I too love irises, especially the way they unfold, making quite a show...
Yours are beautiful.