Saturday, May 03, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday- visiting Temple Square

We live about an hour away from Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT. It is a place many people visit - I am not sure if it is lovelier in winter, decorated for Christmas with millions of lights and outdoor nativities, or in spring time when the flowers are at their absolute best. At any rate, our family recently visited temple square, and I thought I'd share a few highlights -
I love the pinks and blues of this tulip bed.

These hanging planters are amazing -

here is a closeup.

More tulips -

And a star magnolia. There's lots more to see, let me know if you've ever visited Temple Square!


Mark said...

Looks like a great place to visit and shows what can be done with a bit of effort.

Hootin' Anni said...

Stunning photos!! I especially like the star magnolia.

My Green Thumb Sunday this week is wildflowers.

Laurie & Chris said...

Oh my Temple Square looks like you could spend all day taking pictures. It sure is spingy!!

No Rain said...

The flowers are beautiful, especially the hanging baskets. There is a Temple in Mesa, AZ and they also have magnificent grounds. Always perfect.
Happy GTS,

Deb @ Sugarfused said...

It must be a beautiful place! Those hanging baskets are spectacular! The colors are so rich and vibrant.
I love the star magnolias. I've never seen those before.

Thanks for sharing!

Bo said...

Must be a stunning place. Happy GTS.

Laura said...

Great planter boxes! Packed full of colour!

A Hint of Home said...

How goregous are those!!!
What a display of flowers. Thanks for sharing them and stopping by my blog.

Simply Heart And Home said...

The flowers are amazing! I love the pastel colors. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful flowers. I have never visited the square before, but it looks gorgeous.

Jewelgirl said...

Great flowers, I also love the
pinks and blues together. Thanks
for the breath of spring!

Muum said...

Thanks, all, for your comments.

Mark- Volunteers help make the grounds on temple square so outstanding!
Deb and Hootin' Anni- We are lovin' that star magnolia, too, and think we might get one for our yard.

Emily said...

you know i have been there. :) spencer and i like to visit on a sunday afternoon for him to take pictures; both of the flowers and of the architecture nearby.

Jim said...

Lovely pictures of beautiful flowers! So springy and delightful. Thank you for sharing them!