Thursday, June 05, 2008

Champagne Elegance for Thursday

Iris mania is in full swing around here, yesterday my DH brought home a bag of 25 mixed varieties (surprises!) that he bought for me for $5!!
Whatta deal!
This iris is one of my very favorites, Champagne Elegance. The falls are such a soft, almost undefinable color - tan or beige is too common of a color to adequately describe the mix of peachy beauty and ? It is the personification of elegance to me.


Jeremy - Pittsgrove Farms said...

Champagne Elegance is a really beautiful addition to the garden. Not too overpowering just simple and elegant. Glad to see that we share a lot of the same favorites.

Happy Gardening!

Annie in Austin said...

MSS of Zanthan Gardens has grown 'Champagne Elegance' for years and I've always admired it. Those subtle colors look a little different in every photograph I've ever seen of it. Bet you will love it, Muum!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose