Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Irises and friends for Wednesday

Today's featured iris was a gift from a friend - Linda and I graduated from high school together, and roomed together for our first year of college. I was visiting her a few years ago, and she gave me this beautiful iris.
She didn't know the name of it, and I have been searching around online to see if I could figure it out. There really are a lot of very similar irises. I looked at BlueJ Iris's site, because they have a lot of irises, with the descriptions of the standards, falls, beard color, etc. included with a picture.
This beauty looks like a 'plicata' to me, and so I looked on this page to see what I could find.
After some searching, I decided it could be Orinico Flow or Blueberry Ice. Blueberry Ice has a different colored beard, and Orinico Flow is not exactly the same. I won't even elaborate on the problems with purple and blue colors in photos (digital, esp.!). I'll need to work on that.
At any rate, no definitive name for now, but an absolute beauty that I never tire of looking at!


Emily said...

this is one of my favorites you've shown us! i love the blue and white!

Needled Mom said...

Your iris are just beautiful. How nice to have one that can remind you constantly of who gave it to you.

TopVeg said...

Beautiful iris - Ours are just coming out - but not as special as yours!

Jeremy - Pittsgrove Farms said...

I thought it was Autumn Circus at first glance but at closer review ( I really am not sure. I suppose the best and worst thing about irises is that there are so many.