Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Moon for Tuesday

This iris is in a bed that I am trying to put together with yellow and orange irises.
I have a few daylilies, and this year I'm adding drumstick allium (which I grew in Ohio, and they spread like mad- I am thinking they might slow down here in Utah). I have a yellow and white mini-iris, Wedding Candles, a frilly white and yellow iris I showed earlier, and a bright orange iris called Summit Satin.
Now, the plan is to have yellow tones in this garden bed. I need to move a beautiful white w/ purple edged iris that I got from a friend out of this bed. Maybe I'll have to replace it with a new orange or yellow.. hmm.
Tune in tomorrow if you are like me and never get tired of these beauties!


Emily said...

very pretty -- i love this yellow one!

Jean said...

I am so enjoying your iris! They are all gorgeous and I'm glad I don't have to pick a favorite! Looking forward to more. You should hop over and join us for Bloomin' Tuesday!