Monday, September 14, 2009

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day for September 2009

Mid month already, hard to believe. Be sure to head on over to Carol's May Dreams Gardens to see what else is blooming!
The last of the roses are finishing up. No frost here, yet, but they are dwindling down after a nice show the end of August/Labor day.

These asters are a new fave of mine! Don't you love the rich red color? I have some lavender ones, and these nice blue ones, too.

Another rose, I ended up with three 'Angel Face' plants somehow.
Hard not to like the color and ruffled edges, though.
Also blooming:
volunteer sunflowers,
and cosmos,
the last of the George Davidson crocosima (yellow!),
a few remaining mock orange blooms,
and a scraggly maroon - colored mum that was too sad to post.

These fall anemones are always a welcome sight, this time of the year.
Happy Bloom Day!


donna said...

Happhy GBBD to you. Such pretty, colorful blooms in this post. I do like very much the ruffled edges of your 'Angel Face'...and the color, too.

Rosey Pollen said...

I can only hope my Asters will at least bloom before hard freeze!
That lilac colored rose is so pretty. What a heavenly color, I can understand the Angel name!

Nell Jean said...

Such pretties you have this bloom day! Angel Face is new in my garden this year. I hope next year she'll grow and look good in September. Your anemones and asters are so pretty!

Happy Bloom Day

Carolyn gail said...

Hi Muum,

Beautiful blooms! I saw the raspberry colored Aster at the garden center the other day. I needed three and they only had one left so I wasn't able to get it.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

You may have three Angel Face roses but it is a beauty so the more the better.
I have no luck with asters but your red one is so pretty. I can see why you love it.

Rose said...

That is a beautiful color of aster! Yes, I love the asters, too, especially since they are one of the few new blooms in my garden this time of year:) I really need to plant some fall anemones!

Avis said...

Your roses are beautiful. And I love all the blues and purples. Happy blogging!