Friday, September 18, 2009

Talk like a Pirate Day- Ahoy, me hearties!

And let's be clear about this, we aren't talking Somalian pirates here,
just the fun, Pirates o' the Caribbean type pirates
(and did you hear about a Pirates 4 movie? Yipee!)
So tomorrow (Saturday, September 19th) is National Talk Like a Pirate day.
Shiver me timbers, these holidays can sneak up on you, can't they?
Frank and Ernest always know just what to say.
So grab your eyepatches and see if you can contract scurvy before tomorrow.
Practice your colorful 'aarrrrghs' and 'avasts'.
Maybe even walk a plank or two, just to be ready.
If you want to go the extra mile, there is a song for Talk Like a Pirate day, by Tom Smith.


Rosey Pollen said...

No scurvy here, matey. Just ate myself some clementines.
Funny joke!
Walk the plank, I am so glad we get to see Johnny again!

Lindalou said...

Aye, this is always a special day me matey. To be sure...I've actually heard of it before.

Barbara said...

Aarrrrrrgh! It snuck right past me like a ship in the fog. I had it on my calendar, but didn't look at it. Next year! Oh, but that's the Sabbath, better change course on that one.