Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Happy Mother's Day? or Isn't it ALL about ME?

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday, and thus, the anniversary of my becoming a Mom.

She let me reminisce about her birth

(doesn't everyone have a 'war story' for your children's births?) on her blog.

I know there are those who are still waiting for the opportunity to have children, as well as those who feel they are drowning in an ocean of parenthood, and I fervently wish

for those women on either side of motherhood that 'their wildest dreams may come true.' (sentiment via the wisdom of Napoleon Dynamite)

I won't hold forth on all the things I've learned as a mom,

except that I WILL say that I thought I was a patient person until those kids showed up!
Needless to say, being a parent is a challenging job. Sometimes just getting them here is tough.

Happy Birthday to my dear child!

Oh, the pic is my mother's ring, which my family gave me a few years ago. Lucky me.


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Yes, patience. They will wring it out of you, won't they. But it's worth every worrying moment.

donna said...

Yes, Muum, it IS all about you, the Queen Mother:)

Happy Birthday to your daughter. Lovely mother's ring.

Lindalou said...

5 kids? Good for you!