Friday, June 05, 2009

Iris week continues - Role Model

Do you love irises? I surely do.
I have been accumulating them faster than I can throw them in the ground.
I love them because they are a 'low maintenance' perennial, with little fertilizer, trimming or other needs. Ignore them all year, and they will still reward you with beautiful blooms.
The color range for irises is enormous!
This one is called 'Role Model' - it is kind of a peach-rose-melon combo that is wonderful.
Here is a closeup of the beard.
cute, huh?
I keep thinking, 'this iris is my favorite'.. but then I think of another. I love red-purples, blue purples, blues, raspberries, whites, ruffles... there aren't too many that I don't care for.
Let me know in comments if you have a favorite variety or color of iris!


tina said...

Yahoo for the arrival of the irises! I love them too. I like any unusual ones-like the pretty pink one you show above. I am also partial to bright yellow, though I don't know any varieties. Kind of sad huh?

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

Oh myyyyyy.... this one is absolutely scrumptious! I've got iris envy.