Saturday, June 27, 2009


When we first moved to our current home (almost 8 years ago, and we chose it for the yard!),
I was surprised to see these bright blue blooms. I hadn't seen borage before, and was glad to figure out what it was, eventually.
It came back for a few years, and then I didn't see any more borage plants. It is an annual, and somehow must not have successfully reseeded.
So, this spring I bought some seeds and planted some, thinking I'd like to have these pretty blue blooms - and they attract bees.
My 2nd child has a veggie garden this year, too, and so I gave her some borage for her garden. The pic above is from HER garden, my plants look like this:
Love those chewed up leaves, eh?
hard to tell if that is a result of snail snacking or hail damage, probably both.
Her borage plants are about a foot high, and lush looking, with buds and blooms.
Mine are still struggling along, as you can see.
This last pic is the other borage plant that I have.
It is looking a bit better, and even about to bloom!

Guess I shouldn't complain.
According to my Sunset Western Garden book (love this reference book!), borage leaves, although bristly, are edible, 'with a cucumberlike flavor.'
It also mentions that borage tolerates poor soil, as do many herbs.
The flowers are also edible, I remember seeing something about candying t
he flowers in another book, I think.


HappyMouffetard said...

Borage is very good with Pimm's - a rather British drink, enjoyed in the summer.

donna said...

I've never heard of the borage plant but it has lovely flowers and foliage. least your daughter's plants do. ha-ha And candied borage plant flowers and borage with Primm both sound intriguing.

Rob said...

Like the photos of one of my fave plants.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Wait, the LEAVES are edible?! I've tasted the flowers before, but couldn't imagine putting those bristly leaves in my mouth... did you try them?

Muum said...

Blackswamp girl........ uh, no, like , I didn't eat those hairy leaves, like.. totally barfo.
Just kidding.......
they do look unappealing. Just reporting what I learned when I looked it up.
Maybe we could start a new weight loss diet; FIRST, eat your delicious borage salad, then... :)