Friday, June 05, 2009

IRIS WEEK - Saturday and Sunday - Titan's Glory?

I got a 'new' Iris at my county's annual master gardener sale- a Dykes medal winnner - Titan's Glory !
This pic is off of the internet. It is described as an intensely deep blue iris.
And mine even bloomed!!!! Here it is ....
uh. wait, that looks purpl-y.
Not intense blue (not that purple isn't desirable, just not what I was expecting) at all.
Here is my comparison -the 'Titan's Glory' is on the right, and on the left (I am holding the stem!)
is my deep purple unnamed beauty from the yard.
They are not identical, but my new purchase is definitely more purple than blue.
hmm. Time to move that iris... to the purple bed!
Have a great weekend, will post again on Monday.


Emily said...

It is rather blue. I love it!

donna said...

Your Titan's Glory looks blue to me and even prettier than the internet photo.