Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Iris week - Periwinkle Iris

Today's iris was a find by my DH (and Craigslist!).
The lady he got the iris tubers from said they were 'periwinkle.'
I wasn't sure if periwinkle meant light blue (eh) or what, exactly.
This year they bloomed, and I have enjoyed the deep, rich periwinkle color immensely.
A keeper for sure!
Love the white w/ slight yellow tinged beard.

Even the middle is exquisite, don't you think?


donna said...

This is, indeed, a beautiful color of blue. Makes me want to reach out and pick it.

Emily said...

these are beautiful! i love them!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful find indeed and I can't believe you got it from Craig's List! :)

Muum said...

Donna and Em - yep, they are ANOTHER fave of mine :)

perennialgardener -yeah, craig's list is a mixed blessing where iris are concerned. We could spend a lot of time traveling around the country-side, digging up free iris. Some great finds, though!

Lindalou said...

Came over from Cakewrecks. Still laughing at your Star Wars comment..."use the forks". Nice!!

Muum said...

oh.. Lindalou.. the Cake Wrecks gal came up with 'use the forks' , not me, I was just repeating her. now I feel not so clever!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Your garden must be an amazing place. I am SO impressed.