Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nature and Photography

One of the blessings of my life is my family,
and today I want to let you know about two new blogs -
one is by my 10 year old grand daughter, who is learning about nature,
and the other is one of my sons-in-law, who has a great talent as a photographer.
So... take a minute and check out these new blogs:
Go see nature from the perspective of the young,
and some awesome (and award winning!) photos.
You'll be glad you did :)


donna said...

It will be my pleasure to visit these blogs, especially your 10 year old granddaughter's. I'm going there right now.

Nature Girl said...

thanks for the link!

June said...

Oh, what a lovely site your granddaughter has (must take after her grandmama). I'm going to send my twin ten-year-olds over to visit. They love blogging with us at our family site. They will be avid followers, I'm sure!

And lovely bloom day photos! THANKS!