Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's Wednesday - - You found WHAT !? ! at W-mart

I've been toying with this idea for a while - this will be an occasional blog theme and it will be on Wednesday. Here's the deal - for a long time I never shopped at Wal-mart. Now, I go once a week (and try to keep it to ONLY once a week). They do have almost everything, y'know.
It's a great place to people-watch.
And, every so often, I see the oddest things while I am at shopping. Not always at W**-mart, as it shall hereafter be referred to, but usually. So, if you see something funny/bizarre/strange/weird/etc./etc. while you are out shopping, comment here, and I would love to see it! And I'll be here on Wednesday, letting you in on the odd-ball things I find when I am getting my weekly W**-mart fix in.
So- there's the souvenir section at good old W** , just made for a tourist who is in a hurry and needs a tacky wooden saying, state thimble, or other cheap souvenir.
This is, of course, a shot glass. Moderately funny that there is a shot glass for Utah, but not everyone is LDS (Mormon) and a non-drinker here. You can see a wagon, commemorating the pioneers who crossed the plains to settle Utah.
A seagull, looking a lot like an eagle, which commemorates the Miracle of the Seagulls here in Utah. Tacky, but, nothing too unusual - until you turn your little $2.57 souvenir a bit more and see-

the Salt Lake Temple???!!??
Now that is just not right! Funny, yes, ironic, chintzy, and just too odd for words. Maybe this is what you are s'posed to buy on your way home from attending the temple so you can have a drink to relax???
Wrapping up - let me know what you've seen on your last shopping trip. The world is a funny place.


The Well Read Gardener said...

OMG, that made me laugh out loud! I have an odd shopping item to share! A co-worker/friend of mine and I went to a place a piece down the road that sells jewelry that used to be at Claire's but something is supposidly wrong with it so they yank it from the shelf and send it here to sell for $1. Every time we go there is this pair of earrings that are ice cream cones. The ice cream is orange and the odd part is that there's a skull and crossbones on the ice cream. This 1 pair has been there for about 2 months and all of a sudden last week about 6 more pair just like it randomly showed up.

Muum said...

well read - glad you enjoyed my find. would love to see a pic of those earrings, they sound hideous.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

The funniest part of this post is the final picture, I am assuming that you BOUGHT the Mormon Temple, Pioneer, etc. shot glass because it's by a keyboard.

Muum said...

Lynne- yeah, I shelled out the $2.57 for this little gem. I may mail it to a friend's son, who collects this stuff!

pjs said...

hey! it's Evan's shot glass!! TOLD you they really had them- thanks for getting him one! (JUST what he needed, right?)