Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Day

This is spoken from the point of view of a convert, so don't be hatin' on me here-
I am just thinking Pioneer Day would be a lot more fun if there was more 'pie' involved.
Just sayin' ---
oh, really, it is great to honor the Pioneers.
For those of us who are LDS, there was a great poem in the July Ensign,
Lynne over at Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life has a copy of the poem, and some great comments about it. I loved this poem when I read it, too. Remembers the hardships the pioneers faced and overcame, and reminds us that we, today, need to overcome, too.

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Emily said...

the *real* question is this: is there any holiday that wouldn't be improved by more pie?

i think not.