Thursday, July 17, 2008

Show and Tell Friday - potting up plants for September

Friday is here again, and I thought I'd show what I am spending most of
my summer on- plants !
Be sure to head to Kelli's to see who else is participating in Show 'n Tell today.
This is a new rose for our yard this year, I love the peachy color, couldn't find the name tag at the base of the plant. The fragrance is light and lovely.

This is one of my pots I am getting ready for our wedding reception in the yard in September. Yeah, I know, May would be a much better time for this than July, but I am slow!

This pot has yellow/white colors, with an over-large daisy in the back, yellow leaved tansy on the left, a calendula in front of that, with yellow celosia and some white profusion zinnias on the right. I may put some golden oregano in the front.
I guess it is not the best photo.

Next is my effort at some dramatic color -
this pot will look better after the plants (esp the purple ruffled basil) adjusts to the move and fills in the pot. I am so happy with this combo that I wanted to show it today, it is not really for the reception. In the front is Sweet potato vine (Ipomoea) 'Blackie', in the middle is an ivy geranium called 'Picasso', with intense dark red colored blooms, and the mess in the back is the wilted basil and annual Scabiosa 'Black Knight'.
Here's a closeup of the geranium flower -

- and of the scabiosa. I messed w/ the color a bit in Photo Shop to try and recapture

the maroony loveliness of this flower. Maybe I'll show my pots again when they are more filled in.


Hootin' Anni said...

Beautiful rose color! And the scabiosa --wow, that too has a gorgeous color.

My show n tell is about my favorite author today. Hope you can find time to stop by! And there is a link left at the bottom -- for a gift for you.

Happy Friday.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Beautiful flowers and arrangements, I can't wait to see them when they are all filled out and absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your little garden tour this morning :).

Have a wonderful Friday!
Kathi :)

A Hint of Home said...

Very pretty flowers. They are a lot of work and yours show your loving care.

Wanita said...

Your rose is so pretty. And the containers will be lovely when they are all filled out.

Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Muum, I think your pots will look fresh and great by September. If you'd plant them earlier, they might look worn out.~~Dee

Barbara H. said...

That rose is gorgeous, and I love the way you have different kinds of plants grouped in the same container. Makes for a lovely arrangement.

Jean said...

Your peachy rose is amazing and my favorite color.

Kelli said...

Beautiful garden blooms! I especially love the peach rose!

Kathy said...

Really beautiful pots!
Kathy (

Carrie said...

You've made very pleasing plant combinations in your containers.

Jewelgirl said...

Love the peach rose! Gorgeous pot
containers, wish I was as creative!
Can you believe I have some garden
photos this week, hope you stop by
and visit!

Jessica said...

Your rose is stunning! It looks perfect.

thanks for sharing.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Beautiful plants--I enjoyed them all!
Blessings to You!
Claudia O.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Lovely combinations, Muum! I think that I will especially like your "dramatic" container, but right now I'm really liking that yellow-leaf tansy in combination with things. I hope you show them both again in a month or two.

Barbara said...

As an ignoranamus with a wilted brown thumb, I find your talent and love for gardening amazing. Maybe someday.... (but I secretly doubt it) Meanwhile, I enjoy yours.