Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Wednesday - - You found WHAT !? ! at W .. -mart

It is Wednesday again,
and I am inviting y'all to join in and let me know what's caused you to do a double take when out shopping. Doesn't have to be a big box store, anyplace will do. Let me know in comments that you've posted it on your blog. I'd love to come and see!
So, in Utah, LDS (Mormon) folks like to be prepared (like the boy scouts) -
and one area of preparation is to store food and water for emergencies-
physical /weather related disasters, financial difficulties, etc.
So I wasn't too surprised to see large containers for water storage at my local 'big box' store. Next to the blue water containers (abt 50-55 gallon size),
there are smaller buckets to hold food, grains, what have you.
But... I was surprised to see
end caps of wheat bags! hmm, 25 lbs for 14.86, I've seen it for $11 at the Provo W.. -mart store..

a sign of the times, for sure!
Let me know if you have something that made you laugh (or cry) when you were out and about.


emily said...

it's what i couldn't find at wal-mart that made me cry -- no hangers for cinder block walls! and lowe's didn't have any either. what is this world coming to? home depot, you're my only hope!

Muum said...

hmm, have you been to Cinderblock World? j/k.. I'd ask at Lowe's or HOme Depot, see if they have any ideas.

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

That's pretty wild! It would have to be a really good price for me to buy that much at once. I'd be afraid of it going bad before I could use it all.

I've seen some bizarre people at WM. A bride in her wedding gown, a kid with a pair of panty hose on his head... Does that count?

Muum said...

Karla - oh, I would love to have a camera with me if I saw a bride or panty hose kid! Maybe I should carry my camera every time I go to the store, what do you think?

And whole wheat really does last forever - or at least 30 years, without a change in taste. amazing.

Barbara said...

I wish that Walmart in California carried those emergency prep items! But, my car is too little anyway.

I wonder how those prices compare to "the cannery?"

Obviously, I need to spend more time at Walmart.