Friday, October 26, 2007

Footwear Friday - the Gangsta Gardener

Footwear Friday was started by Sassylime,
go see her fancy footwork, and feel free to join in and show us your favorites. I am not as much of a shoe-hound as she is, but wanted to show you my gardening shoes, and my usual gardening outfit -
Now, don't be jealous, I know you all wish you could be as stylin' as I am. The hat is for sun protection, of course, but is so horrible looking on me that I try not to look in the mirror on my way out to the garden. The dark blue sweatshirt has stains and rips you can't see, but it fits 'just right' and is soft. The shoes are some old sturdy gym shoes, and you can see my wonderful jeans have taken the hit with mud stains.
One of the great benefits of gardening is weight loss, as many of you know. I lost 15+ pounds this spring and summer, with some moderate exercise, regular gardening, and, yes, that unglamorous 'watching what I eat' strategy. I lost weight last summer, too, and then when fall hit and I decided to 'take a break' from my diet, all the weight came back. Probably because I wasn't out there slinging things around in the yard every day. So- this fall, my goal is to maintain that 15 lb. loss, and work on that last 5 pounds in the spring.
That said, you may have noticed the stylish elastic waistband on my jeans. As I lost weight, I started having problems with keeping my pants up! At one point, I had my cell phone in one pocket, the portable house phone in the other, and ws carrying pots across the yard. My pants were slipping down to teenage boy levels. Not a pretty sight! I did think that maybe I could try and intimidate some of my problem plants with a 'garden rap' to go with the outfit, but I am pretty sure they would laugh, if they could, before they would be afraid of their 'gangsta' gardener.


Emily said...

lol - this entry is hilarious. i love it.

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

Very funny.
I often garden in equally attractive outfits.
Good luck keeping that 15 pounds at bay.
Maybe you could do some rap dancing during the winter.
good luck,

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Hey! You stole my gardening outfit! (Except for the hat--mine is a wide-brimmed straw number that makes me look like a cowgirl wannabe. Yee-haw!)

Seriously, don't you wonder how all of our jeans get those same dirt patches on the front of the thighs? I swear I don't wipe my hands on my pants that much... but apparently I do. And you do, too. :)

Zoey said...

My outfit looks very similar. I even wear it inside when I am not gardening! LOL. Great entry.

I hope you have good luck keeping the 15 lbs off. I know how difficult it is to do!