Monday, October 01, 2007

Garden Blogger's Muse Day - Veggies Sing !

I hope I am not being too silly for blogger's muse day, but it is the month of Halloween. If you have never seen Charlotte and Vendetta, characters on , then you are missing a good smile for the day. Here is a low-res pic of them.
Charlotte (the sweet one) has taught the vegetable 'fiends' to sing a song, much to Vendetta's horror:
'Eat vegetables with every meal
Or your lips will start to peel
And your eyeballs will fall out,
And your teeth will smell like trout.'
Happy Muse Day! Happy October!


Jean said...

Muum, I'm not sure what the plant you asked about is. It's a ground cover and has blooms the look like little balls. I got it several years ago and only a little would come up. I moved it this year and it has gone crazy. Maybe I'll feature it next week on GTS to see if anyone knows what it is.

Edge said...

Ha! I am A-mused!