Thursday, October 04, 2007

Grape Juice

I decided a few weeks ago that I was not going to do any more canning without some help. So when a neighbor offered me free Concord grapes, I asked my 11 yr. old if she would like to help make grape juice, something I had never done before. Maybe some grape jelly or jam, but definitely juice. We don't eat as many pbj's as we used to around here, so grape jelly is not a high-use item. They make great gifts, too, but I decided we would start with grape juice (which is delish!) and see if we felt like doing anything else after that. We picked about 6 gallons of grapes, which didn't take long. The hardest part was taking the grapes off of the stems. Some people don't when they make juice, but our extension agent advised me that the juice would have some 'stem' flavor. So, we sat in front of the TV and stemmed those grapes. K, my 11 yr. old, enjoyed mashing the grapes most of all, I think. We cooked them, then let them strain and drain overnight in the frig. This is the finished product, it is tasty, and we didn't stain too many things with juice spills. We ended up with 8 or 9 pints. One didn't seal, and the other one? hmm? maybe some grape juice thief has been around?
I know another neighbor who has green seedless grapes- hmm, white grape juice is sooo yummy! I wonder if K is up for another batch???


Emily said...

wow, they look great, muum!

Zoey said...

The jars look beautiful, but it sure seems like a ton of work!

Every now and then my MIL gives us a jar of grape juice. I will appreciate it much more now that I know how much effort goes into making it!